1998-1999 SEASON


September 20 
October 3 
October 24 
November 14 
November 15 
December 12 
January 9 
January 30 
February 20 
March 20 
April 10 
May 1 
May 16
June 5 
Tom Rush with opener Lisa Moscatiello
Ellis Paul with opener Barbara Phaneuf
einstein's little homunculus
John McCutcheon
John McCutcheon Family Show
Vance Gilbert with opener Susan Piper
Cheryl Wheeler with opener Kevin So
Bill Staines with opener Tom Prasada-Rao
Connie Kaldor with opener Colleen Sexton
Kristina Olsen with opener Tanya Savory
Erica Wheeler with opener Erin McKeown
Sol Y Canto with opener Annie Wenz
Austin Lounge Lizards
    with opener John Forster
Garnet Rogers with opener Liz Queler


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