1999-2000 SEASON


September 11 
October 3 
October 23 
November 6 
December 4 
January 8 
January 29 
March 4 
April 1 
April 22
May 6  
Cheryl Wheeler with Mary Gauthier
Christine Lavin with Paula Joy Welter
Robbie O'Connell with Bill Parsons
Susan Werner with Colleen Sexton
Salamander Crossing with Valerie & Walter Crockett
Nerissa & Katryna Nields
with Beth Amsel
Bill Staines with Small Potatoes
Boogaloo Swamis
Funny Songwriters on April Fool's Day
Don White and John Forster with special guests
Dan Hart and Eric Schwartz
Greg Brown at Horace Mann Auditorium
with Cheryl Hoenemeyer
Greg Greenway Band with Eric Gerber


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